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Corona Virus Meltdown? Here's A Cure.

It's very easy to become anxious about COVID-19, every time I turn on the news I see a world map, colored red, highlighted with the death toll and the latest infection statistics, a big red banner on top of the screen SCREAMING at you, PANDEMIC COVID-19!! I went to the grocery store and was confronted with empty shelves, people sprinting to the toilet paper aisle, no alcohol or hand wipes to be found, need I go on? I feel anxious just writing about it! Common sense has been replaced by nonsense for many. I saw one man sporting a N95 respirator mask for his trip to Target (I'm sure this person was not immune compromised, as he looked like, "The Incredible Hulk" wearing a wife beater shirt) and young soccer moms with surgical masks on, looking like they were walking point on a military operation, their heads on a swivel. By the time I got home from my normal biweekly shopping trip, my mind was spinning and I was frustrated.

I ran straight for my 'medicine chest', the Bible.This was the prescription I needed, which you also can obtain without a doctor's authorization, the directions being: Open your Bible to the Psalms, read daily, and as needed, for fear, anxiety, depression, pain, or any other malady that affects the human spirit. Continue daily forever. It will cause dependence, but that's ok. No refills are needed as this will last you a lifetime.

Here is the the rx balm that my that soothed me. "The Lord is my light and my salvation- whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life- of whom shall I be afraid? ( Psalm 27:1),   "Wait for the Lord- be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord." (Psalm 27:14)  The Psalms are full of "medicinal" value and it's my go to "Pharmacy" when I need a "prescription." What's yours?

Posted by Art Flickinger
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Life After Covid-19

We are living through a historic moment in time, a plague of Biblical proportions has knocked many great economies in the world to their knees. Our leaders have boasted that we have the most powerful military and economy the world has ever seen! We too have fallen, to a virus that doesn't care who you are. We have trotted out the "Big Guns" of Science and Medicine, only to find out that we can not stop it! Millions have lost jobs and thousands have died, victims to an invisible enemy. We find ourselves walking a tight rope over an abyss that if we fall into, we may never climb out of. What to do? How about this, since we are all ready on our knees, look up! We need to pray to God for our salvation from this virus and repent from the evil ways that have befallen our nation. Let us not return to normal again, which is a country that has mocked God and his Word. We have re-defined marriage and even gender. Abortion still takes lives daily, even during this pandemic. Let the new normal be, a God Fearing Nation and see what happens!

Please listen to Eric Metaxis's interview of Pat Boone. It is what prompted me to write this. Pat Boone expands on the same topic I have written on, in a way that is more compelling. They are requesting to fast and pray on May 7th (the National Day of Prayer) for our Country. May God have mercy on us.