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Canadian Churches Ablaze

In response to finding old unmarked graves of indigenous children on church property, at least a dozen Catholic Churches have been burnt to the ground in Canada. In Canada's past history, the French forced native peoples to attend church schools for conversion purposes. Many of these children died of small pox and tuberculosis and were buried on church grounds. An official response to the fires and vandalism from President Trudeau  was delayed for over a week and tepid at best. He stated that he understood the feelings that led to this and that as Canadians  we should not do this, but he did state that the Pope should apologize  to his people for past wrongs. One church that was set afire ended up burning down a small village resulting in a fatality. In addition, "Antifa like" demonstrators have begun to vandalize and topple historic monuments and statues, much like their neighbors to the south have done. Never leave a  good crisis go to waste, is right out of the Left's playbook. One wonders what the government's response would have been if mosque's were torched instead of Christian Churches? It would have been immediate and no resources would be spared to track down and prosecute the offenders. So far no arrests have been made.

Posted by Art Flickinger