Preschool Testimonials


When I joined Beverly Heights Preschool, I did not realize what a special place I had found. I have never worked in an environment in which God is truly the foundation of all that is done. The most recent changes to our leadership and staff have made us become stronger and closer.  

The partnership we cultivate between our students, our students’ families and our staff is truly unmatched. We are family: when one of our families grieve, we grieve; when one of our families rejoices, we rejoice. This week reminded me of this. There is no Preschool like Beverly Heights Preschool! 

            ~ Preschool Teacher

We are blessed to be part of Beverly Heights Christian Preschool. We have had several of our children go through many of your programs. Our third child started Preschool 3’s this week. He was so excited over the summer to start, and, of course, he is absolutely loving it.

The teachers are so wonderful and the new Director is a bow-tied renaissance man!  Everyone is so loving. I find comfort in knowing that our children are getting a robust and solid Christian education even in Preschool. Especially with this newly established worship time. Here’s to the next generation of Christians!


   ~ Preschool Parent

I had a family member reach out to me this week grieving for another family who has turned away from God—it has caused a lot of hurt and chaos in their lives. This happened to be the week that our son started preschool. It made me grateful that our son is learning from Christian teachers in a community that points him towards Christ. The teachers are not just concerned with his intellectual and physical development, but also his heart, character, and spiritual well-being. 

I had the opportunity to join worship one morning upstairs and it was amazing to experience the older kids leading younger ones in singing and prayer. I'm looking forward to my son being able to join soon and pray that this will impact him into adulthood. I hope that he will keep seeking Christ throughout his life because of this early foundation being built at Beverly Heights. 

     ~ Preschool Parent

“Both of my children always loved attending Beverly Heights Christian Preschool!  As a mom, I knew my kids were being well-prepared as they developed their conceptual knowledge of different subjects and worked on Kindergarten readiness skills throughout the program.  What makes this program stand apart from other preschools is the loving, Christ-filled environment that envelops the children every day they attend preschool.  My daughter continuously learns about God, and His great love for her!  The teachers and the director are wonderful role-models as they address every procedure, challenge, or celebration in a Christ-like way!”

            ~ Mom of children who attended 3 and 4 year old classes 

“As a work-from-home father, I am very fortunate that I get to take my son to school on a regular basis.  Following in his sister’s footsteps, my son began at Beverly Heights when he was two with the Parent 2’s class. He now attends preschool three days a week and loves every minute of it.  From the caring and supportive staff to the friends my children have made, I am more than pleased with our experience at Beverly Heights.”

            ~ Dad of children who attended Parent 2’s, 3year old class and Older 4’s classes

 “As former principal of a local Christian school, I can assure folks that children coming from Beverly Heights Christian Preschool were always very well prepared to enter our Kindergarten program. In fact, they excelled. These youngsters had experienced the basics plus more in Kindergarten readiness. Additionally BHCP students had a handle on the appropriate social and behavioral skills to be a success in our program.  The Christian education was in line with what children at this age should be taught and they were able to apply this teaching to everyday experiences.” 

            ~ Mary Wolling (Former Principal of Jubilee Christian School)

 “My child would rather come to Kindergarten Enrichment than Kindergarten! I can’t believe how much fun my child has while he is moving and shaking! The thematic concept is a great way for him to learn!”

            ~ Mom of children who attended Kindergarten Enrichment

 “Both of my children attended Beverly Heights Christian Preschool and loved every minute of it! I appreciated the wisdom, patience and love the teachers displayed in every interaction with all of our family members. Watching the teachers do their jobs helped me to be a better parent to my children!”

            ~ Mom of children who attended the 3 and 4 year old classes

 “I could not believe the intentionality the Parent 2’s teacher displayed in this class. The activities were purposefully chosen to advance my child development to the next level. As a first time Mom, I loved meeting other Moms of children my son’s age.”

            ~ Mom of Parent 2’s child

“I am so glad I found the Older 4’s class! Kindergarten wasn’t the best match for my child this year. The Older 4’s class allowed one more year to develop, learn and grow. Science, library and music time were great experiences for my son. He is excelling in Kindergarten this year!”

           ~ Mom of Older 4’s child