A family ministry at Beverly Heights Church is comprised of two ministry efforts, our Fellowship Ministry within the congregation and our Ministry to the Family.


Fellowship is an essential practice of the church where we as Christians seek to live life together in our homes and as a community.  This practice is essential because our enjoyment of godly relationships in the church is a rehearsal for and foretaste of our eternal fellowship with Christ.  Additionally, fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ is a fountain of grace that sustains us as well as the individual ministries of the church.  Therefore we are committed to involving as many as are willing in the participation of life together.

Some opportunities for fellowship at Beverly Heights includes:

  • Wednesday Night Heights
  • Advent Family Celebration
  • Annual Fall Picnic
  • Linger Longer following Beverly Heights Together.
  • Family Business Dessert


Our desire at Beverly Heights is to help the church build and strengthen marriages as well as essential family relationships.  Learning the biblical truth about and biblical paradigm for marriage and family strengthen marriages and families best.  This process requires education, mentoring and training and good experiences in enjoying life together within our homes and congregation.

Some opportunities for ministry to marriage and family include:

  • Marriage and family specific classes in our Adult Christian Education program
  • Premarital and marital counseling
  • Friday Night Free program