Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission:

The Beverly Heights Church exists to be a living witness to the glory of God in Jesus Christ by which men, women and children will find the fullness of life in Him.

Our Vision:

As all members, in all places, by all means bring Christ and His kingdom to a lost world, people will trust in Christ and possess God’s eternal hope.

Six Key Questions

Six constitutive parts comprise the profile of our church blueprint and all of the individual ministry blueprints. These parts reflect our answers to the most important ministry questions a church must answer.

  1. Our mission statement answers the question, “Why do we exist?”
  2. The vision statement answers the question, “What is the future state of the Beverly Heights ministry that we will work toward realizing?”
  3. Our values and commitments answer the question, “What driving beliefs are at the core of what and why we do what we do?”
  4. The strategy statements answer the question, “Generally speaking, how will we realize our vision and accomplish our mission?”
  5. Our tactics are the specifics of everyday ministry.
  6. Finally, the budget answers the question, “What will it cost to accomplish this?”

What follows will serve as a constant point of reference for those in leadership of the building of our church. We are not constructing anything other than what He has in mind for us. As time goes on and God imparts to us new and additional visions for what He wants us to become, the blueprint will surely be modified and augmented. We view this prospect with anticipation and hope.

As we make ourselves available to our Lord for His use in building the Beverly Heights Church we do so with the humility and utter dependence upon the Holy Spirit which is inspired by our recognition that “Unless the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it.” (Psalms 127:1)

Our Strategy and Tactics:

Our strategy for the realization of our vision and the accomplishment of our mission is focused in five areas of ministry under which the work of all committees, teams, task forces and programs are subsumed.  These five strategic focuses are Worship, Christian Education, Missions, Life Together and Stewardship.



Wheat: represents Beverly Heights as bread, life, the body of Jesus Christ.

Stalk: represents Beverly Heights in its gathered dimension, individuals coming together, comprising the whole, living as one in worship, nurture, fellowship and mission.

Field: represents the world in which Beverly Heights and its members live, bringing the kingdom of God near.

Seed: represents Beverly Heights in its scattered dimension, individual members living as light, salt and leaven where God has sovereignly sowed them.