What a marvelous week we’ve had! It was full of so much growth! We learned things individually but we also reflected on God's Word together as a family. We learned about teamwork as we designed and built newspaper towers. We made brain hats and learned the science behind the amazing mind that God has given us. We discussed what it means to have a "growth mindset” and grew as we began our classical novel studies, math curriculum, writing and grammar. It has been such a joy to see the connections that these students are making to Christ in and through all of our studies! The highlight of the week, though, has to be worshipping in the morning with the rest of the academy. 
~ Academy Teacher


Thank you for this Academy! It's such a blessing to so many!
We found you randomly through a Facebook post. We had heard positive feedback about the preschool and Kindergarten program, but we never explored them ourselves. But after meeting with Dr. Bennett, Mrs. Brodzinski, and Pastor Nate, and touring the academy, we loved everything about the program. 
To us, you guys stand out from other Christian schools in three critical ways:
  1. Your focus on Jesus. Every day begins with worship. What a great way for the students and the families to begin their day in song and in the Word!
  2. Your kind and caring staff. Every teacher and staff member are friendly, kind, and care a lot about their role and the students in their care. It’s so amazing!
  3. Your focus on family. The small class sizes and the “family fellowship events” are so nice and unique. Unlike anything else we’ve ever seen! 
~ Parent of 4th Grade Student

"I have been trying for almost a year to get my son to lead prayer at bedtime and participate in the Lord’s Prayer at church. He always refuses, which has been hard for me. Tonight he asked if he could say the prayer for bedtime. He said such a beautiful prayer and thanked God for the nighttime and daytime. After the prayer, I asked him why he wanted to pray and why he thanked God for the nighttime. He said, "Dr. Bennett talked to us about how God loves all of our prayers and how we can pray to him anytime about anything.” He said, “Dr. Bennett gave us homework: when we lie down to sleep this weekend, say a prayer thanking God for the day and for the night.” He then continued, “But, Mom, it’s not even homework; it's like the easiest homework ever.” It was a beautiful moment for me as a mom. Thank you for all that you are doing and for your focus on the real mission of Christian education. 
~ Parent of 1st Grade Student