There are many things a church can do to engage in ministry.  Some ministries can be good things but not the right things for a church, and other endeavors should be avoided all together.

Beverly Heights believes that in order to be the church and to live out our calling, as witnesses to Christ and to advance the Kingdom of God, then the church must engage in essential practices that define the church.

Therefore, Beverly Heights pursues five practices that we believe are essential for the life and ministry of the church.

Essential Components

  • Worship - Beverly Heights Church pursues worship to enable the congregation to glorify God who alone is worthy of our praise.
  • Discipleship - Beverly Heights Church pursues discipleship to nurture believers toward full maturity in Christ.
  • Fellowship - Beverly Heights Church pursues fellowship in enjoyment of familial relationships rooted in Christ and as a foretaste of our eternal fellowship with Him.
  • Missions - Beverly Heights Church pursues mission in obedience to Christ's Great Commission.
  • Stewardship - Beverly Heights Church pursues stewardship in the faithful management of God's good gifts.