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The House Excludes the Hyde and Helms Amendments From Appropriation Bills and Biden Nominates A Lesbian Rabbi to Religious Freedom Commission.



We are reminded once again that elections have consequences. The House Appropriations Committee has succeeded in eliminating both the Hyde and Helms amendments from spending bills, by a partisan vote of 217-208. Not a single Democrat voted to retain either of them. When the bill goes into reconciliation, the Vice President can vote to break the tie. The Minority party can not use the filibuster which would take 60 votes to overturn. What does this mean for us as Christians? Simply stated, we will be funding through our tax dollars abortions here in the U.S. via Medicaid and also for abortions abroad. Hopefully there will be a Democrat or two that will break the tie in the Senate if everyone else votes along party lines. Pray for some Democrats to cross over and vote NO to this outrage. Speaker Pelosi has crowed about this in public stating her kudos of having five children in six years and being a devout Catholic which gives her the bona fides to weigh in. To her this is about equity in women's healthcare and it ensures that all women, regardless of income will have access to abort their children on the taxpayer dime. Archbishop Cordileone of San Francisco has a different opinion of what constitutes a devout Catholic. "No Catholic in good conscience can favor abortion" and furthermore he said," Our land is soaked with the blood of the innocent, and it must stop." Joe Biden who supported the Hyde and Helms amendments for 45 years in the Senate did a flip flop on  the eve before his nomination in order to secure it, also claims to be a devout Catholic. 

President Biden nominated Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum to the International Religious Freedom Commission. The Rabbi is married to Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers. Besides being a lesbian I wonder if the fact that she is married to the president of the AFT who was also in the mix to be nominated by Biden for the Secretary of Education, had anything to do with the rabbi's nomination? Biden also nominated two Muslims for religious freedom posts. Rashad Hussein is his nominee for ambassador-at-large for international freedom and Khizr Khan. Khan spoke at the 2016 Democratic Nomination about his son  an Army Captain who died in Iraq in 2004. You may remember that he accused Trump of never making a sacrifice for his country and for never reading the Constitution. Tony Perkins a Marine, former policeman, Christian Minister and President of the Family Research Council is still serving  on the Commission until 2022. Nominated by Mitch McConnell, he has been smeared by the left as a homophobe, transphobe, a white supremacist and the leader of a hate group. (that would be the Family Research Council) What kind of representation will these new nominees bring to the table for God fearing Americans? Plenty if you are  "devout" like Nancy and Joe. 


Posted by Art Flickinger

Canadian Churches Ablaze

In response to finding old unmarked graves of indigenous children on church property, at least a dozen Catholic Churches have been burnt to the ground in Canada. In Canada's past history, the French forced native peoples to attend church schools for conversion purposes. Many of these children died of small pox and tuberculosis and were buried on church grounds. An official response to the fires and vandalism from President Trudeau  was delayed for over a week and tepid at best. He stated that he understood the feelings that led to this and that as Canadians  we should not do this, but he did state that the Pope should apologize  to his people for past wrongs. One church that was set afire ended up burning down a small village resulting in a fatality. In addition, "Antifa like" demonstrators have begun to vandalize and topple historic monuments and statues, much like their neighbors to the south have done. Never leave a  good crisis go to waste, is right out of the Left's playbook. One wonders what the government's response would have been if mosque's were torched instead of Christian Churches? It would have been immediate and no resources would be spared to track down and prosecute the offenders. So far no arrests have been made.

Posted by Art Flickinger

Danish Law Requires Submission of Sermons for Government Approval


 Shocking news coming out of Denmark, the government has announced that it is considering a law which would require the transcription and prior approval of the manuscripts of all sermons  preached in Denmark and translated by anyone speaking a language other than Danish into Danish. This is a law that is clearly intended to crackdown on Islamic extremists within their country but tramples on the religious liberties of English speaking Anglicans and German speaking Lutherans in Denmark. Most of the "shock and awe" concerning this law is coming from outside of Denmark itself. It seems that the Danish denominations biggest complaint is the added cost and inconvenience of complying with the proposed law. 

The population of Denmark is about 5.8 million souls, the vast majority 75%, belong to the state Lutheran church , but only 3% attend regular Sunday services. About 20% of the population are not religious at all. So what we have there is really a secular state. The state Lutheran church is very liberal and recognized same sex marriages in 2012. The vast majority of people in Denmark don't seem to think much of religious liberty or for that matter, of religion at all.

Americans should take note of this, one of the founding principles of our government was religious liberty and freedom. Could we lose it? Elton Trueblood a Quaker theologian said that the United States was becoming a cut flower civilization. It had been cut off from its Christian roots, but the flower is still there. As he said, "When you cut a flower off from its root, it can look beautiful on the table for some time, but it's destined to die. Cut off from its roots, it will eventually wilt and fade." The metaphor here is very clear, and I appreciate it but what Trueblood fails to take into account is that God always has a remnant of the faithful left.

Posted by Art Flickinger