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The Church A Cage

"Is the Catholic Church a cage? The language of a recent New York Times article on the number of gay men in the Roman Catholic priesthood certainly implies that it is. The precise quotation comes from Father Bob Bussen, a priest in Utah: 'Life in the closet is worse than scapegoating,' he said. 'It is not a closet. It is a cage,' " Carl R. Trueman writes, in his response to The Times article. His opinion piece is not about bashing the Catholic Church's struggles with homosexuality, but a big picture of the church universal. He offers up an interesting criticism of today's church. "The Christian is truly free not because the church provides a safe space of personal affirmation, but because she offers a new life in Christ, expressed in her dogmas." To read more of this thought provoking article click on the link below.

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Carl R. Trueman is a professor in the Alva J. Calderwood School of Arts and Letters at Grove City College, Pennsylvania.

Posted by Art Flickinger