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What Would Happen if Roe v. Wade and Casey v. Planned Parenthood Were Overturned?

If the Supreme Court ever overturned Roe and Casey, what would happen to abortion in this country? Would abortion be illegal? The answer is no. By overturning Roe and Casey it would be up to each state to decide for itself, rather than a capriciously decided law made from the bench, which is not the Supreme Court's role in our Republic.  So why the big fuss for some to overturn it and for others to staunchly defend it? We should fight to overturn it because it is unconstitutional and federal funds are being used to support it and run Planned Parenthood's abortion mills. Abortion is not health care for women. It is a death sentence for innocents. Why is this so vehemently defended by pro-choice advocates? One reason it is a multi-million dollar business . Money is made not only from the abortion itself but also from the remains which are butchered and sold to the research industry. It is a godless ideology that insists that women have the "right" for any reason to terminate a fetus at any stage of development, just because. 

So you see, even if we overturn Roe and Casey, we still have our work cut out for us to win over the hearts and minds of those who are proponents of such atrocities.

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Posted by Art Flickinger