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"Faith and Reason are Mutually Reinforcing," says Clarence Thomas.

Oxford Dictionary, and Merriam Webster all recently announced their word of the year for 2019, and they are: (drum roll please) Climate Emergency, Existential and They, respectively. 


Hello, Oxford, that's two words! The last time I had a climate emergency was when my furnace conked out during a cold snap last year. Other than the aforementioned, I don't think I would have too many uses for climate emergency in my vocabulary. How about existential? Now there's an interesting word! blew the dust off of that word to make it their word of the year. The story behind its selection was that it was inspired by Toy Story IV character Forky, the plastic spork who wanted to be a toy. Forky said he was having an existential crisis. This explanation is right off of their website. If I were I wouldn't have admitted to that. Instead of watching Toy Story cartoons for vocabulary words they could have just watched ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and MSNBC news casts and their respective talking heads, who have continuously repeated for the last 3 years, that Donald Trump is an existential threat to our democracy. And now for the coup de gras, good old Merriam Webster comes up with the preposition 'they' as their word of the year. 'They' refers to someone whose gender identity is nonbinary. I can think of a better word for that: how about stupid?

Posted by Art Flickinger