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Globalism Takes One on the Chin as Brexit Triumphs

Friday, January 31st at 23:00 GMT, "Elvis" has just left the building. The "Elvis" I am referring to is Great Britain and the building, is the European Union. Why was this a concern of British Christians? The general sense of religious morality that undergirded the EU, referred to a vague sense of European heritage that had a high regard for human dignity and responsibility. This characterization is both vague and inadequate for any moral vision that was intended to fight for the "soul" of Europe. It soon transitioned into an exclusive focus on economics as the lone criterion for shared values. The EU was born out of the ashes of post WWII Europe intending to be a means of becoming a morally rooted guarantor of peace among the major Western European powers. How has that worked out so far? It has not prevented war in Europe, one needs only to mention, Bosnia, Kosovo and the Ukraine. The EU has become a centralized political institution that pools sovereignty , dilutes accountability and threatens people's freedoms through the destruction of borders, culture and liberty. The true source of unity of any people that results in cultural cohesion is sharing a common vision of reality. In short a common faith.

Posted by Art Flickinger