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Halloween Past and Present

Halloween is big business. It is now the number two holiday celebrated in terms of dollars spent at $8.8 billion, Christmas, of course, being number one. Listen to Albert Mohler's, "The Briefing," as he discusses Halloween past and present, from a Christian world view.

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Posted by Art Flickinger

Adult Stem Cells, Intelligent Design and Reverse Engineering and Good Advice from 1948

Check out the link to World Magazine's "Roundups." This week in the Beginnings section which reports on science and intelligent design, includes several articles I thought would be of interest to you.

1. Another adult stem cell breakthrough treatment that has prevented blindness and paralysis in patients with a neurological disease in which the immune system attacks the body's own cells in the central nervous system. This is in contrast to using embryonic stem cells which so far have not produced anything of consequence to date.

2. This years Nobel Prize winning research on how cells use oxygen, is the result of using reverse engineering techniques. "Time and again, the use of the design inference to guide the study of living systems pays enormous dividends," says Michael Egnor of The Discovery Institute.

3. A public service announcement from 70 years ago (1948) regarding the spread of airborne viral illness's, is still sage advice today. The commercial is quite humorous.

Click to the World Magazine Link

Posted by Art Flickinger

Archaeological Work In The City of David

Sixteen feet under modern Jerusalem, archaeologist's have uncovered a road once trodden by ten's of thousands of Jews during the three annual pilgrimage festivals - Passover, Shavout and Sukkot. Construction started in 20 AD, by the Romans, and it was finished under the governance of Pontious Pilate in 30 AD. Forty years later it was thought have been destroyed along with Jerusalem, but was amazingly preserved under the rubble in mint condition.

Link to the article

Posted by Art Flickinger

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