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"The Club": A Book Review

"The Club: Johnson, Boswell, and the Friends Who Shaped an Age," by Leo Damrosch

Among the members of the club, who met on Friday evenings at Turk's Head Tavern, 9 Gerard Street, off the Strand, besides Samuel Johnson, were Edmund Burke, Adam Smith and several other intellects of 18th-century London. Even if you will never read the book, the review by Joseph Epstein is fascinating in and of itself.

Click on the PDF link for the review.

Posted by Art Flickinger

Church of England Attacks Home Office

The Home Office in the U.K. is similar in some respects to to our Department of Home Land Security, however it's purview encompasses a much broader range of services , among those is immigration. Read the linked article to learn why the Church of England finds itself defending Christianity to another government entity, the Home Office.

Click Here For Details

Thanks to Ben Webster for the article.

Posted by Art Flickinger
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Seattle Is Dying

Watch this KOMO news special report on the drug crisis and homelessness in Seattle. The report exposes a city government, judiciary and police administration's complete lack of understanding of the dire situation that has festered under their very noses. Piles of garbage, filth, used needles and syringes, public drug use, drug dealing ,crimes against property and people are rampant and scar a once beautiful city.

Thanks to Debbie Clarke via Louise O'Boyle for the video.

Posted by Art Flickinger

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