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Wrestling With Faith And Girls

The last time I wrestled a girl was putting a diaper on my youngest daughter. I won. Not so for Brendan Johnson. A Classical Academy senior, Brendan, forfeited a match that knocked him out of a tournament. His opponent, a girl. The tournament ,the Colorado State High School Wrestling Championship. Brendan was a strong favorite to win in his weight class but chose to be true to his moral upbringing and Christian faith.

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Workism The New Religion

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette columnist Brian O’Neill nails the zeitgeist of our age in this piece, inspired by a “brilliant” story he read in The Atlantic. In it, “workism” is described as the identity cultural cornerstone and has become “among the most potent of the new religions competing for congregants.”

Submitted by Tom O'Boyle

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Just Because It's Cool

Great video! See if you can guess the locations where it was filmed. It's revealed in the credits at the end. Thank You Bill Mehaffey for the posting! 

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