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An Opportunity For Christian Outreach To The Lonely

Chances are you may know someone on your street or in your neighborhood like those depicted in The Wall Street Journal article entitled, "The Loneliest Generation." A sad reality, but a great opportunity for Christian outreach.  
Special thanks to Bill Mehaffey for the article.  
Click on the attachment to access the PDF.

 Attachment: The Loneliest Generation Americans More Than Ever Are Aging Alone WSJ.pdf

Posted by Art Flickinger
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An Assault On Fact And Truth

BREAKING NEWS: The Remaking of Journalism and Why It Matters Now, by Alan Rusbridger. (Farrar, Straus & Giroux, $30.) The former editor of the British daily The Guardian recalls coping with the dramatic transformation of the newspaper business and his concerns about the present assault on truth and fact. “Rusbridger wants us to know what it felt like to work inside a news organization during this era, and his painstaking account is fascinating. Reviewer, Ann Marie Lipinski, writes. “The rapid technology changes, collapsing business model, 9/11, media convergence, paywall wars, dawn of social media, rise of the “citizen journalist” and more are here valuably detailed by a gifted reporter focused on the story of his own profession.”

Posted by Art Flickinger