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Children's Book Reviews

One of life's joys is reading to your children and later on to your grandchildren. To that end,

I am always on the look out for good children's literature, of which I have a great appreciation  for. This past Christmas, with my two year old granddaughter in mind, I found a series of board books by Danielle Hitchen, entitled "The Baby Believer Series." I loved the fact that they were board books (Indestructible, I think), warmly illustrated and with simple Bible verses.There is a new release coming out before Easter. Check out World Magazine Books of the Year for Children for a review of this and several others.

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Posted by Art Flickinger

A British Library Releases A Never Before Published Letter Written By C.S. Lewis

Stephanie L. Derrick writes in an article for World Magazine:

"May 1946 found C.S. Lewis tired of answering what had become a ceaseless stream of letters—mostly from Americans, the majority from women, and often about theology. A previously unpublished letter held at the British Library illustrates the commitment Lewis showed in private to serving those who taxed his time, energy, and, often, his nerves."

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Posted by Art Flickinger