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What's Your Compass?

I was surprised to learn that the "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders," trumps the Bible when it comes to moral issues surrounding LGBTQ behavior. So says Oliver Thomas, a retired Baptist minister, in an opinion piece appearing in The USA Today, April 29, 2019. Mr. Thomas does not believe in the inerrancy of Scripture and proceeds to build a lame case against it. Two things that bothered me the most: First, is the use of his Baptist credentials to authenticate his errant claims and second, facts do not seem to get in the way of his essay. "Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened." ( Sir Winston Churchill) Mr. Thomas is one such person.

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Posted by Art Flickinger

Will Political Correctness Be The Downfall of Christianity?

Easter Sunday 2019, while we were celebrating in the west, those in Sri Lanka were busy cleaning up from the carnage left behind by Islamic suicide bombers, 250 dead and many more wounded. We witness the martyrdom of Christians in Middle Eastern countries, Africa , South East Asia, China and India. The slaughter of Christians by Islamic extremists is a global crisis. Yet when high profile Christian "leaders" in the west are given an opportunity to denounce such actions they cower, afraid of the media backlash and make lame politically correct statements. Read the opinion piece in the WSJ.
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Posted by Art Flickinger

Christianity Challenged Again By The New York Times

It's a ritual, every year around Easter and Christmas the NYT's and other high profile publications spill ink attacking Christianity. Here we go again, this time a two time Pulitzer prize winning reporter, Nicholas Kristof poses questions about the Crucifixion of Christ,the Resurrection , the Virgin Birth and what happens to you when you die. I certainly don't mind the questions being posed by someone who is a sincere inquirer, as no Christian ever should, however I doubt Mr. Kristof sincerity. Here are some of the pieces Mr. Kristof has written (note the dates):                                                                                                               

"Professor, Was Jesus Really Born to a Virgin?" (William Lane Craig)  December 21,2018

"Cardinal Tobin, Am I a Christian?" December 22, 2018

"President Carter, Am I a Christian?" April 15, 2017

 "Am I a Christian, Pastor Timothy Keller?" December 23, 2016

 "Reverend, You Say the Virgin Birth Is 'a Bizarre Claim'? (Serene Jones )  April 20, 2019

Well, he finally found someone who agrees with him. Serene Jones, a Protestant minister, President of Union Theological Seminary who has an impressive academic pedigree. A graduate of Oklahoma University, M. Div. and Phd. from Yale University. She spent 17 years at Yale as the Titus Street Professor of Theology at the Divinity School, and Chair of the University's Program in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies (BIG RED FLAG). With all that education she desperately needs to go through Pastor Nate's Confirmation Class. If you make a list of essential truths of the Christian Faith and check them off as you read the interview (check if she agrees) there would be no checks on your paper. As for Mr. Kristof, I hope he finds the truth and accepts it.

Click Here For Details on the Union Theological Seminary. Not a place to go to.

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Posted by Art Flickinger

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