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Patterns of Evidence: The Moses Controversy

Who wrote the Pentateuch? Most of us would say that Moses was the author. You are in good company because Jesus agrees with you (John 5:46). However in scholarly circles this is being challenged. The historicity of the bible and even the belief in God is at stake. Watch this movie to see how this ball of string is unraveled.

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Thanks to John Sargent for the movie link.

Posted by Art Flickinger

Wrestling With Faith And Girls

The last time I wrestled a girl was putting a diaper on my youngest daughter. I won. Not so for Brendan Johnson. A Classical Academy senior, Brendan, forfeited a match that knocked him out of a tournament. His opponent, a girl. The tournament ,the Colorado State High School Wrestling Championship. Brendan was a strong favorite to win in his weight class but chose to be true to his moral upbringing and Christian faith.

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Posted by Art Flickinger

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