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New Regulations to Protect Healthcare Workers Religious Liberties

A 440 page document of regulations just released last Thursday, by the Trump administration, is aimed at protecting the religious liberties of healthcare workers. The regulations overseen by HHS, will have the ability to withhold federal funding if a healthcare institution does not comply. Maybe now we can halt the take down of the Little Sisters of the Poor, for being Public Enemy #1. Joking aside, regulations only last until the next administration that comes along, who disagrees with them and strikes them down. We do have a constitution that protects religious liberties, but for some reason that doesn't give me much comfort these days, as we witness the disregard for it by the politicians we put in office.

Attachment: White House Unveils Rule to Protect Health Workers’ Religious, Moral Beliefs - WSJ.pdf

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Five Heresies But Who's Counting

Apparently Robert A. J. Gagnon, PhD was! Dr. Gagnon a former professor of New Testament for 24 years at the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary takes umbrage with the New York Times article by Nicholas Kristof, of an interview with Serene Jones (See my post from April 22nd entitled: Christianity Challenged Again By the New York Times) I would like to make one retraction from my previous post, Dr. Jones needs to spend a couple of years in Kingdom Korner and attend VBS before attending Pastor Nate's confirmation class.

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Thank You Katie Doyle for the article.

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"Burden of Genius:" A Documentary About Dr. Thomas Starzl, Transplant Pioneer

It's not often that we come across the extraordinary in our lifetime. Who comes to your mind  if you were to be asked; Who do you know of in your lifetime that is extraordinary? Maybe sports stars, politicians, astronauts, or war heroes, 

but, seldom do we think of those in the medical profession. Two such men in my lifetime are Dr.'s Jonas Salk and Thomas Starzl both of whom did their amazing work in our own backyards at The University of Pittsburgh. This documentary is about the struggles and finally the triumph of Dr. Thomas Starzl a pioneer in the development of organ transplantation. "The Burden of Genius" is now playing at the Rangos Giant Cinema in the Carnegie Science Center. As man seeks to extend  life beyond our biological limits whether due to failing organs, cancer or infectious diseases, it is only the grace of God that enables us to do so.

 Link to the article

Thanks to Bill MeHaffey for the article and I do note the GCC connection.

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