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Seattle Is Dying

Watch this KOMO news special report on the drug crisis and homelessness in Seattle. The report exposes a city government, judiciary and police administration's complete lack of understanding of the dire situation that has festered under their very noses. Piles of garbage, filth, used needles and syringes, public drug use, drug dealing ,crimes against property and people are rampant and scar a once beautiful city.

Thanks to Debbie Clarke via Louise O'Boyle for the video.

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A Musical Event To Take Note Of

No, not that Victoria, we are talking about Queen Victoria on the 200th Anniversary of her birth. Unbeknownst to many, Queen Victoria was quite a patron of the art's and had interactions with some of the greatest musicians of the 19th century. Through her generosity many significant compositions were made possible. Click on the link for more information about this wonderful event.

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This Can't Happen In America

How many times have you heard, "This can't happen in America?" We would do ourselves well by paying close attention to the lessons of history. I knew Japanese-American citizens were rounded up and placed in prison camps after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, but what I didn't know was that military and civilian intelligence services had been surveilling Buddhist temples and creating files on Buddhist leaders for years before the war. The reason being that Buddhism was considered irreconcilable with American values and therefore a threat to America's safety and well-being. Is Christianity irreconcilable with today's American values on marriage, abortion, evolution, the concept of sin and that there is objective truth? Could we be considered a threat to America's well being? Ask the cake baker in Colorado.

Please Click on the link to the PDF file.

Thanks to Bill MeHaffey for the story.

Posted by Art Flickinger

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