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A Super Bowl Halftime Alternative

I came across an article and video by John Piper on a Super Bowl halftime alternative from 2017. Curious, I clicked on it, read the article and watched the video. This year's halftime show is the jiggling, gyrating, J-Lo. Fortunately I have to miss the half time "extravaganza" as I will be working. Unfortunately, you could be exposed to this. "Danger Will Robinson! Danger!" If you are inclined to do so, click on the link or go make a sandwich, run around the block for 30 minutes, make a pizza run, etc. Just be back for the kick off! If you choose not to make John Piper your halftime alternative ,listen another time, it's very good.

John Piper: "Where to Stand When All Is Shaking."  No Pun Intended!

Posted by Art Flickinger

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