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Noah's Ark is a Fairy Story Says Chuck Todd on Meet the Press

Chuck Todd, host of Meet the Press, highlighted a letter to the editor from a Kentucky newspaper, the Lexington Herald-Leader, to make a point about Trump voters. The letter stated that only a person who believes in "fairy tales" like Noah's Ark could vote for a man like President Trump. I really don't care if Todd slams Trump, which he has done continuously since he got elected, but it's the portrayal of Christian's as ignorant, unsophisticated, regressives that actually believe the Bible is the inspired word of God. That bothers me. NBC News and Chuck Todd offered a good reminder to all what their world view is. Meet the Press airs from 9-10 E.S.T. on Sunday mornings, when this smelly Walmart shopping, gun toting, Bible thumping yinzer, is worshiping the God who created the universe and everything in it at Beverly Heights Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

Posted by Art Flickinger

United Methodist Church Divides

Another Protestant denomination falls to the liberal left. This time it is the United Methodist Church. The Wesley brothers have to be spinning in their graves, one clockwise the other counterclockwise. Even though the conservatives won a vote to uphold the church's stance against ordaining gay clergy and performing same sex weddings, they are the ones who must leave the church and start a new denomination. This split has been a long time coming and is the result of conservatives trying to save the church from within, hampered by wishy washy moderates choosing appeasement over biblical truth. What can we learn from this? Theology matters. Once you allow the camel's nose into the tent, sooner or later the camel comes in, and very soon you are sleeping with fleas.

Link to the UMC Announcement and Division Plan  (Click Here)

Posted by Art Flickinger

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